A unique and powerful film about
how fatherhood changes men!

Becoming a Father DVD  is a beautiful film about men talking about becoming and being fathers. Bruce Linton, Founder of the Fathers’ Forum Programs asked 15 of the dads who have attend his groups to share their feelings about fatherhood and about the impact of participating in a dad’s group.

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An inspiring, intimate film that reveals how fatherhood changes men. Joining these men on their journeys, we arrive with them at a newfound respect for fathers and fathering. It s a must see for new or expectant dads and fathers of any age – and for the people who care about them.
--Dr. Will Courtney, psychotherapist, clinical faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School


This is an inspiring film about fathers. For many of us becoming a parent requires us to fly by the seat of our pants, as we do not have strong cultural models for this most important of all jobs. In the film we start to have a much better sense of what a father is, how he thinks, how he feels. It is lovely to watch the men delve into their experiences and find that clear spot of what it means to each of them to be a father.
--Debby Takikawa, Filmmaker, “What Babies Want” and Hana Peace Works


Becoming a Father is a wonderful resource providing viewers a glimpse into the value of having a forum to explore and enrich the experience of fatherhood. For many years, Bruce Linton’s Father’s Forum groups have provided an important space for father’s to explore together their experience as parents. Becoming a Father, featuring fathers from his groups, brings to light how missing this space can be for men and how rich an experience it is to learn from others and share one’s hopes and fears about being a father.

As a provider of new mother’s groups, I am so often made aware of our culture’s focus on the role of mothers with very little support for the role of fathers. This film brings into focus the crucial role of fathers and the changing values men experience as they become parents.
--Lee Safran, Marriage and Family Therapist, Perinatal Psychology Services, Berkeley, Ca.


When a woman has a new baby, it almost goes without saying that she will join some form of a mothers’ group where both the practical and emotional aspects of parenting will be discussed. For fathers, however, no such tradition exists and while more is expected of fathers than ever before in history, the role models for this kind of involvement are nowhere to be found. In Bruce Linton’s, Becoming A Father DVD, a voice is finally given to contemporary fatherhood. We are given a first hand glimpse into some of the struggles, dreams, hopes and confusion that new fathers may face. Dr. Linton helps the men in his groups examine how their relationship with their own dads may impact their expectations around parenting, the value of taking time to consciously consider the choices one makes as a parent, and the shear enormity of the job of parenting. This film is a much needed documentation of the “real” experience of fatherhood, and will be of great value to new and expecting fathers as well as their partners.
--Gina Hassan, Ph.D. Facilitator of Mindfulness for Moms Groups

Buy direct from the Fathers’ Forum $24.95 includes shipping and handling.

For over 20 years Dr. Linton has been facilitating Men’s Groups for fathers of young children. He teaches a “Becoming a Father” class at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley, California. Bruce received his Ph.D. for his research on “Men’s Development as Fathers.” Bruce is the author of Finding Time for Fatherhood, men’s concerns as parents.

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